Why we think the NRL season is more important than it’s ever been

The NRL season, which starts on Saturday, has a lot to do with the state of the game in the US and its players.

The AFL season begins on Sunday. 

AFL teams will travel to the United States to compete in the annual Super Bowl, while the NRL is preparing for its annual finals series.

The two are also likely to be at loggerheads for the first time.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump will meet Premier League champion Melbourne in a match that will be streamed live on ABC.

Trump and Premier League boss Chris Fagan have both criticised the NRL for not playing its home games in Australia, and the NRL has vowed to play the first game in 2019.

It will be the second meeting between the two countries.

Trump has been critical of the AFL, with Trump tweeting he would not be playing the league at all in the United Kingdom.

He also claimed the NFL and AFL had “finally decided to put the interests of their clubs above all else”.

Melbourne will play the Sydney Roosters in Sydney on Tuesday night, while Sydney is also due to host the New South Wales Waratahs on Saturday night.

The two teams have played a total of 19 times in the league, with Sydney hosting the Western Bulldogs in the first of its two games.

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