Why we need more schools in Wales

POTENTIAL schools in the Welsh capital Cardiff could be set to be funded by the Department for Education (DfE), with a new report highlighting a lack of options for teachers and the need for greater investment.

The Welsh Government, which announced plans for a new primary school in May last year, has been under pressure from parents and local campaigners to offer more options.

However, a report published by the academy of Mayport, which teaches English, French, mathematics and science, found the funding for the new school in Cardiff could fall short of the target.

The report, based on data from Mayport Education Academy, says there were “minimal” options for teaching in the Cardiff area, with teachers working with students in the “very limited range of options” available to the DfE.

“The funding of new primary schools in Cardiff has become a significant issue and a major concern of the local community,” the report’s author, Professor Michael Bevan, told BBC Radio Wales.

“We know there are a lot of people who are opposed to the new primary in Cardiff.”

What we’re finding is there’s very little available for teachers, which means the teachers don’t get the training and the teachers aren’t able to deliver the curriculum, which in turn is hurting the students and the schools.

“The report says that if a new school was built, there would be limited opportunities for teaching.”

In Wales, there are no specialist teachers for English or maths at the primary level, which makes it difficult to develop teaching skills, and we do not have specialist teaching facilities for French or mathematics,” the authors wrote.”

This means there are very few specialist teachers who have access to the training, and who are able to provide the same level of teaching that the school needs to deliver a good quality primary education for their students.

“The academy is urging the Welsh Government to invest in more teachers.”

The Welsh government is currently investigating a potential secondary school for the Cardiff suburb of Newport.”

We need a school system that is a place for all learners, that is safe and secure for all, and where every child can feel safe and confident in the classroom.”

The Welsh government is currently investigating a potential secondary school for the Cardiff suburb of Newport.

It is unclear whether the funding gap will be addressed by the Government.

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