Why schools in Tennessee are having to fight for funding as they reopen amid wildfires

On a snowy day in June, the children of a Mayport elementary school stood on a wooden bridge in the snow, trying to cross a narrow bridge that had been closed for weeks after wildfires burned in the town.

The bridge was built in the early 1900s, and it was built for one of Mayport’s many public schools.

It had a wooden roof, a small concrete structure that was designed to protect the school and its children from the wind and rain.

The structure was also designed to help the children climb over the narrow bridge when they needed to cross, to help them stay dry when they were on the bridge and to help make sure the students would have a safe place to walk and play.

But for weeks, students in the school had to navigate the narrow, muddy path to get to the classroom.

The school is now back open, but for the children who are still waiting for their classrooms to reopen.

On the bridge, a group of children waited for the next group of cars to arrive.

They were also waiting for the school to reopen, which was expected to be in late June.

It was the only bridge the school was able to open to children, according to the school district.

And the children were waiting for it to reopen to their parents.

Mayport High School in Tennessee is the latest school district in the country to reopen after wildfires destroyed dozens of buildings.

The state of Tennessee, which is recovering from the deadly wildfires that have ravaged much of the state, is one of the few places in the nation where school districts are able to reopen before school closes.

But the problems with schools in the state are not limited to Mayport.

Schools across the country are struggling to reopen and reopen to students.

There are now more than 50,000 students in a district that has been hit hard by the wildfires, according the American Association of State Directors of Education, and the state has the highest percentage of students in public schools in any U.S. state.

The Associated Press first reported on the Mayport district’s problems with the school last month.

The AP’s reporting showed that in June 2018, the school, which opened in 2015, was the first district in Tennessee to have to close for at least six months due to severe weather.

A new report from the AP shows that in May 2018, schools across the state were facing a similar crisis, with at least 22,000 pupils affected by severe weather, and more than 100,000 in the district had to close in 2018 due to extreme weather.

In May 2018 in Mayport, the district also had to shut down for three days in August, after severe storms caused heavy flooding in the city.

A teacher at Mayport said that during the school year, schools had been in constant need of funds.

In the months before the fires, the state had given out $7.4 million in cash to schools, according a school district spokesman, and that money was still not enough to meet the needs of schools.

And now, after more than six months, the teacher told the AP that the school is in a desperate position.

“It’s a tragedy that we’re in this position,” the teacher said.

“We’re going to be without a lot of funding in the coming weeks.”

The teacher said that the district was able at times to save money by using a combination of other funding sources to provide help to students who had to leave the district.

But there are also times when the district cannot provide enough to schools in need, and when that happens, it takes away from other services for students in need.

In some cases, the money is used to pay for the teacher’s rent and the school’s maintenance, but the teacher explained that it was also used to help students who have disabilities or other special needs, who have to go to other schools to get help, and who often have to wait a long time to see their friends and family.

“I don’t know if we have the time or money to be able to go back to school,” the student said.

The teacher told AP that there is no one to give money directly to the district, but she said that she has received a few letters of support from other students who were not able to return to school.

“There’s a lot people in our school community who are struggling,” the school principal said.

She added that it’s been very hard to see her school without its principal.

“If we can’t see you, if you’re not here, you can’t help us,” the principal said to students, who sat on the ground, crying.

“So, we’re not going to lose our principal, but we are going to have other people that are going in to take care of the children.”

It was a heartbreaking experience for the teachers.

“When you have to do everything yourself, and there’s no one else around to help, it’s very hard,” the second teacher said, adding that she was not going back to the

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