Which schools have the best teachers? Mayport teachers earn the most

Mayport, Australia – Mayport Primary School’s teachers earned more than the average student at every grade level in Mayport and nearby towns, according to new data.

The results of the Teachers Salary Survey by The Times show the Mayport School District earns the highest average salary of the 11 towns surveyed.

The teachers’ average pay is $82,931, according the survey, which was conducted by salary website Salient and published on Tuesday.

The average teacher at Mayport earns $94,965, according The Times.

Salient says teachers at Mayports schools earned $94.7 million in salary last year, which is a 32 per cent increase from $92.6 million.

The district’s median annual salary is $70,638, and teachers earn a median of $56,895, The Times says.

The salaries are among the highest in Australia.

Salients data comes after the NSW Government introduced a $10.00 fee for all students at public schools, which will cost $2.30 more per student this year.

The fee will be phased in to help pay for education for every student in New South Wales, from the ages of 6 months to 18 years.

Mayport is not alone in its teachers’ pay.

The Queensland Government is also introducing a $1.30 fee for every child, and a $3.30-per-child increase to the statewide fee for primary school students from next year.

The Times says Salient’s research is based on salaries at private schools in Australia and overseas.

The salary survey was conducted from March 6-10.

It is a partnership between Salient, the ABC’s Salient Teacher Salary Survey and the Bureau of Statistics.

Salience CEO Paul Bragg says Salients research is unique in the sense that it’s the first of its kind to look at the salaries of teachers in a large, metropolitan city.

He says the results of Salient teachers’ salary survey will be made public as part of the State Government’s annual salary report.

“Salient teachers are the backbone of the school day and make it clear that Mayport school is one of the best places to be a teacher,” Mr Bragg said.

Salient’s salary survey is also the first survey to look specifically at teachers in Queensland and New South Australia.

It was designed to provide an annual snapshot of salaries across Australia, and Salient is using the survey to build its workforce.

Saliant says it is a new, comprehensive method for measuring the salaries and working conditions of teachers.

The teachers salaries survey was also commissioned by the National Union of Teachers (NUT), the Queensland Teachers Association and the Queensland Public Service Union.

Professor Mark Taylor, head of education at Salient said the survey shows the value of teachers at schools.

Mr Taylor said the salary survey showed teachers in Mayports earn the highest median pay in Australia, but also showed teachers’ salaries were highest in the Sunshine Coast and North Queensland.

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