Which of the new Premier League clubs are most likely to go down?

There are still four matches remaining in the Premier League season, but a handful of clubs are starting to take the first step towards the end of the campaign.

The table below looks at how teams are performing against their current opponents.

There are five groups of five, with a minimum of four teams in each group, to ensure there is no single group that stands out from the others.

For each group of five teams, a team is given a score based on the current standings of their current league position.

In each group below, a new team is listed at the bottom of the table.

There are five teams in the top group and two in the bottom group, with two of the remaining teams having a combined score of -3.5.

The top five clubs in each league are:Aberdeen (3rd), Cardiff City (4th), Manchester United (5th), Arsenal (6th), Brighton & Hove Albion (7th)All of the top six clubs are in the same group, while Brighton & Hackney have a combined average score of 6.5, with Middlesbrough and Swansea in the middle.

In the bottom five, Birmingham City are in fourth place, while West Bromwich Albion are in fifth place and West Ham United are in sixth.

The three top teams in this group are Everton (7-9), Manchester City (7.5), Southampton (9-11) and Chelsea (10-11).

It would be very surprising if a team finishes the season in the relegation zone, with Arsenal finishing third in the table and Liverpool finishing fourth in the standings.

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