Which kids will make it to the NBA draft?

MECOSA, N.J. (AP) A group of high school students will be selected in May to represent the United States at the FIBA Americas U19 Championship.

The Elmentaries Academy in Mayport, N and the Mayport Ellementary Coastal Science Academy in Mecosta will be the hosts for the first two days of the tournament.

The U.S. team will travel to Puerto Rico for two days to participate in the World Youth Games.

The tournament, which takes place in Mexico City from May 25-29, will feature 16 teams of around 400.

Each of the 16 teams will have five players who were born in the United State.

The Elmentars, whose principal is basketball coach Andrew Mecosa, are also home to three players from their local high school.

Elmentaries is one of the five high schools that will be attending the event.

They’re ranked in the top five in the state of New Jersey, a state with a population of 2.7 million.

The team’s coach said there’s a special bond between his team and the people of the area.

“We love to share our culture, and we like to be out in the country with people that share our values,” he said.

“We feel we can play for them and they can play with us.”

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