Which elementary school is best for your kids?

The best school for your kid might be Mayport Community Elementary, according to a new survey.

But the best school might not be Maypens, according a new one.

And some are better than others, said Brenda Jaffe, a principal at Mayport’s Elmentaries Coastal Sciences academy.

Jaffe said the school has an average of 2,400 students, and that they are very engaged.

But she said students are not just engaged but also curious.

“They want to know what is happening in their world,” she said.

So what are the top elementary schools in Canada?

The rankings were compiled by an online survey of educators.

They looked at the number of students attending a school in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, as well as students attending schools in each province.

The average number of schools in Ontario was 2,823.

Alberta’s average was 2.5, while British Columbia’s was 2 percent.

Ontario was the top performer, with 2,723 schools.

There were 943 elementary schools across Canada.

The results aren’t perfect, Jaffe acknowledged, but they do provide an indication of the type of students in each region.

She said she hopes that students will be able to identify schools based on how well they do in those areas.

“If they don’t feel that they can do well in a particular region, I think they can go elsewhere,” Jaffe told CBC News.

For example, students might want to attend a school that is in the Northeast, in the province of Ontario, which is known for its lakes.

Jaffes Elmentaires Coastal Sciences School is located in Mayport.

“We have a lot of lakes in our area, but we have not had many students from that area in our school, so we thought we would go for that,” she explained.

And because Mayport has such a large population, it is also a great choice for students from low-income families, she said, and also students from Indigenous communities.

Mayport also has a school district, and it is one of the few places in Ontario where students don’t need a secondary school, Jaffe said.

“The best schools are those that are located in neighbourhoods that are also the neighbourhoods that have good schools,” she added.

For students from poor families, who may be more interested in math and science, she suggested attending a local elementary school with a good science curriculum, as opposed to a school with no science curriculum.

“It’s important to be aware of what is available, and what you can do to tailor your learning to that,” Jaffi said.

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