Which are the best schools for the under-achieving student?

Vice News is proud to present a look at the best public school districts for under-performing students.

If you are under-performer in your high school, it is not because you were lazy.

It is because your parents are.

Parents are in the business of raising their kids, and we have seen time and time again that poor performance at the hands of parents can have disastrous consequences for the school.

We are here to help you find the best option for your child and, if possible, find the one that fits best with your child’s personality.

You can find out more about what makes up a great public school district here.

The top-ranked public school in each state and the District of Columbia was chosen based on student achievement, student success, and graduation rates, according to a survey of 2,000 public school teachers conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

These rankings are based on the most recent data available from the National Center for Education Statistics, which measures the progress of all students in a school district and then compares them to a national average.

For every 100 students in the top-performing school district, an additional 1,000 students are below the national average in graduation rates.

The top-rated schools in each of the top 50 states are as follows: New Jersey: Newark Public School District New York: City Schools District California: San Diego Unified School District California Florida: Hillsborough Unified School System Florida Illinois: Cook County School District Illinois Illustration by Matt Bissonnette

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