When the game is over, the best teams are going to be the ones that don’t make mistakes

The best teams tend to win in close games.

The best teams win in games where they can control the pace and intensity of play.

The worst teams win games where it’s too close for comfort.

The first time the Miami Heat lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2017 playoffs, they were the best team in the East.

They were not the worst team in that series, though.

In a series that saw the Heat lose five games in the final seven minutes of regulation, the Heat were the ones playing the series’ most competitive series.

When the series ended, Miami was the fourth-best team in its conference.

The Lakers were the sixth-best, the Celtics the seventh-best and the Hornets the eighth-best.

They weren’t the worst teams in any of those series.

They weren’t even the worst in the Heat’s first-round series against the Brooklyn Nets, though they lost three straight to lose the series.

After a dominant Game 5 victory, the Nets won their next four.

In their next five games, the Lakers won their first six and then trailed by as many as eight in the second half before leading by as few as two in the third.

The Heat trailed by a total of eight points in the fourth quarter.

In the series finale, Miami trailed by seven in the first half and won by 17 points in overtime.

They led by 13 in the seventh, then trailed again in the eighth before leading 37-28 in the closing minutes.

After the game, Lakers coach Byron Scott said he thought the Heat could’ve beaten the Nets in overtime, and he was right.

They could’ve.

The second-best teams are also going to win, and they’ll be the favorites to win the rest of the series in the NBA Finals.

The third-best are the ones who aren’t necessarily good, but who are going through some ups and downs.

The fourth- and fifth-best players aren’t going to make mistakes.

The sixth- and seventh-most players aren´t going to screw up.

They’re going to try to find ways to win.

The sixth-ranked team is going to go into the finals with a huge advantage over the fifth-ranked one.

The seventh-ranked player is going out on a high note.

It´s going to look like a lot of fun.

The seventh-place player will have a very good game.

The eighth-place will have an excellent game.

All of them have the ability to win a game that is in their hands.

The eighth-ranked person will have his or her best game.

This is going a long way toward making the NBA’s best team.

If you’re watching a game of basketball, you know how important it is to win every game.

It`s how you get a championship.

The NBA playoffs are the most difficult, yet also most rewarding.

The players who play and win are the best.

That is how we get to the Finals.

It is a tough, grueling and emotionally taxing series.

If the Heat can get past the Celtics and Nets, then it is a playoff series that will end up being the most exciting and competitive the NBA has ever seen.

The last time the Heat lost in the Finals was on Jan. 7, 2018. They didn´t get there with a Game 7.

The Heat will have to overcome adversity to reach the NBA finals.

They need to be in a position to make the Finals and take home a championship, which will be a great thing for the franchise and the fans.

The Miami Heat will play the Lakers in the finals of the 2018-19 NBA Playoffs.

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