What you need to know about the ‘Mayport Schools to the Future’ initiative

Mayport High School, a high school for girls in south London, will close to make way for an ambitious new high school on the beachfront.

The move will be made on 1 October, and will see a new, two-storey, 50,000-square-foot high school called Mayport School.

A total of 50 students will be taken out of the school.

There will also be a new high-speed railway line running through the area, which will connect Mayport to nearby towns of Islington and Epping. 

The new high schools will be named the ‘Boat House’ and the ‘MECCA’ after the two schools in the Mayport neighbourhood, Mayport and Elmentaries. 

A school in Mayport, the Mayports High School in Maypool, will become the May Ports Education and Learning Centre on 1 November. 

Mayport High’s school, which was known as the Boat House, was named after the Mayors School for Girls, which opened in the mid-1800s. 

There is also a Mayport beach playground. 

“The idea behind this project is to make Mayport a more dynamic community.

It is about transforming the place,” Mayport Mayor and leader of the local Labour Party, David Lammy, said in a statement.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to get involved with Mayport’s development and build on the work that’s already happening in the area.” 

May Port, a suburb of Mayport on the outskirts of London, is a working-class borough, with a low crime rate, and is often referred to as a “middle-class neighbourhood” by the media. 

As the May ports have been designated a city, May Port Council has been trying to make it a “super city” with a high number of high-rise residential and commercial developments. 

One of the key proposals is a “Mayport Community Development Plan” which would allow for a “multi-modal” development of new homes and businesses in May Port, the BBC reports. 

Some local residents have said the school could be used to train teachers, but the project is being closely watched by the local community. 

It is also unclear what the impact of the new high is going to be. 

(Read more: ‘MayPort School’ to open on 1st October) “Mayport is not just a working class area, and the MayPort High School is a unique and important place to be in,” May Port council leader David Lamming told the BBC. 

“(But) the new school will not be used as a teaching or training centre.

Instead, it will be used for a summer school, to help children develop their skills, and to help them develop the resilience they need to thrive in a changing city,” he said. 

In March, the mayor of London announced a £4m project to build a new secondary school in the village. 

 The Mayport schools will also help to improve local transport links between Mayport. 

More: ‘Mayport schools to the future’ project is being funded by the Department for Education and will start construction in April 2019.

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