What if you could tell your kids when they’re getting ready for their birthdays?

MECCA is an annual event that is meant to teach kids about birthdays and other milestones.

But some MECHA teachers have been making headlines recently for not keeping up with the times.MECSA Teachers Are Being Fired For Not Keeping Up With The Times article Last month, MECWA teachers in San Diego and Riverside were fired after failing to meet a deadline for completing birthdays-related classes.

Teachers have been told to complete classes on birthdays, birthday, milestones, and other topics, but teachers have yet to do this, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.MESA Superintendent David Johnson told the Union-Telegram that his department is working to find the problem.

But some teachers are worried that they’ll have to start doing this themselves.

In addition to the MECA Teachers, teachers in other cities have been notified they won’t be able to do classes on birthday or milestone events until at least September.

Teacher Brian Stokes said his students are in for a rude awakening.

“The MECAs are the biggest draw.

They get a lot of attention, and we don’t get that,” he said.

“And then you have to find out what your kids are going to do with their own birthday.”MECCA teachers were recently asked to meet with their students in a special room to figure out what they should do with a special birthday.

Some teachers even said they were worried they might lose their jobs.

“We’ve all been through the process of what they call a ‘factory reset,'” said MECCSA parent Rachel Schulte.

“It’s where we’ve reset our classrooms and how we’re going to teach.”

According to MECEA’s website, teachers can choose whether to do class on birthdates, birthday milestones, or other topics.

But teachers have not been given the option to set the topics and they are not told how to use the calendar or what to do if they are unable to meet the schedule.

The MESA superintendent also told the newspaper that the district has already contacted the MECA Board of Directors and will work with the board to find a solution.

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