U.S. warns Russia to stay out of Syria, Crimea

Russia has warned U.N. members to stay away from the conflict-torn region of Syria and Crimea, saying the U.K. and France will face “unnecessary consequences” if they intervene in the conflict.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the warning at a meeting with the U,N.

Security Council.

The U.k. and French also warned that the two sides could face unnecessary consequences if they interfere in Syria, according to a copy of the statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We consider the possibility of the U to join in a U.R.K.-French military operation on Syria,” Lavrov said.

“If it does, the consequences will be unavoidable.”

The U.n.

Security Committee adopted a resolution Wednesday that would impose new sanctions on Russia, the biggest trading partner for the Assad regime and one of its closest allies in the region.

The council unanimously approved a resolution calling on the U and its ally Russia to withdraw their forces from Syria by mid-March, a U-turn from a previously approved timetable.

Lavrov said Wednesday that the resolution “is a direct violation of the Minsk accords” that were reached in February.

Lovakov also said the U of N should reconsider its decision to send peacekeepers to Syria and stop arming Syrian rebels.

“It is clear that the U.-led coalition should not engage in this kind of activity,” he said.

Russia has sent thousands of troops into Syria, but its involvement in the country’s civil war has sparked fears of its involvement, which has been largely limited to military advisers and soldiers.

In Syria, Russia is the biggest donor to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, which is fighting a three-year-old uprising.

The regime has repeatedly said it is fighting terrorist groups, including the Islamic State group, and its forces are fighting on behalf of the government.


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