Trump’s budget could kill the nation’s public schools, study says

Trump’s proposed budget will kill millions of public school children in his first year in office, a new study says.

The study, by the conservative Heritage Foundation, found that the budget will eliminate over $2 trillion in funding to the nation from the education budget that was announced by Trump in his State of the Union address on Jan. 4.

Trump, who also said he would slash the size of the federal workforce by 25 percent, proposed cutting funding for the National Institutes of Health, and he wants to eliminate funding for research into Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

Heritage’s analysis found that $1.6 trillion of the budget cuts would come from federal education and the Department of Education.

Trump’s cuts to the Department for Education are a particularly problematic move, Heritage says, because it would end federal support for the largest recipient of education aid: public schools.

Education is a big driver of long-term economic development in the country, and that support is sorely needed by states, cities, and schools.

But Trump’s proposal would likely result in higher state and local education funding cuts.

The analysis also found that Trump’s plan would reduce support for education-related programs such as Head Start and the Early Head Start Program, which helps low-income children attend preschool or day care, and would end funding for support programs for students with disabilities, low-achieving children, and families with young children.

While many of these programs will likely remain, Heritage argues that the elimination of the education aid would likely cause a dramatic reduction in funding.

“There is a very real risk that the administration’s plan will result in a sharp reduction in public education funding, leaving millions of children without the basic support they need to build a future,” the study says, noting that Trump plans to cut funding for preschool and day care.

“The impact of this plan on the lives of children is staggering.”

Trump’s announcement comes just a few days after the president proposed cutting the size and budget of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Trump said he wanted to eliminate about $200 billion from the agency, which is tasked with food and farm subsidies.

Trump has promised to cut the U,S.

Food and Drug Administration by 30 percent.

In his speech, Trump said that eliminating the USDA would save $50 billion.

The president has also proposed eliminating funding for Head Start programs, which provide early childhood education to low- to moderate-income families, and eliminating funding from the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

The administration has not yet proposed a specific funding level for Head Starts.

Heritage, the Heritage Foundation’s education research arm, found the proposed cuts to Head Start would likely hit children and families at the very top of the income distribution.

Trump also proposed cutting $300 million from the Education Trust Fund, which supports the education of low- and moderate-wage students.

“A significant proportion of the funding for K-12 education goes to families with children who qualify for HeadStart or other Early HeadStart programs, who are not eligible for the other public schools,” the report says.

“These children have a much greater chance of success in the public school system and a better chance of attending college and the workplace than other students.

The budget cuts will likely result from elimination of Head Start, Head Start for low-to-moderate-income students, and Head Start supports, among other programs.

These programs are vital to ensuring that all children and young adults can attend college and have access to quality, affordable, and quality public education.”

Trump also suggested cutting $30 million from a $50 million education trust fund.

The Heritage report says the budget cut to HeadStart supports, including Head Start support, “will likely result, in part, from elimination in the current fiscal year of HeadStart grants that provide assistance to low to moderate income families with preschool-aged children.”

According to Heritage, HeadStart support is one of the primary ways that schools can ensure that students do not have to attend schools that have lower-performing students.

As a result, it would “likely result in the elimination or reduction of Headstart funding for all students in the nation.”

The report also notes that Trump wants to cut support for Headstart and Head First programs.

Trump wants a 30 percent cut to the Head First Grant, which provides funding for high-quality preschool and early childhood instruction to families in low-performing schools.

It is funded through a combination of federal and state education funds.

Heritage said the budget proposal would also “likely eliminate Head First grants and support for preschool-age education for low income students.”

It is unclear whether the Trump administration would take other measures to reduce funding for public schools or eliminate funding altogether.

The National Governors Association has urged the Trump White House to ensure the elimination and replacement of all federal funding for schools that are deemed to be in crisis.

“We have been clear that the President has no plans to eliminate or reduce federal support to public schools and is

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