‘This is the biggest scientific achievement I’ve ever seen’: Professor Mark Sayers, of the University of Bath, speaks to the media after delivering a speech on the discovery of the first known instance of COVID-19 on the Great Barrier Reef

Mayport Science Academy professor Mark Sayer is a man who is always trying to make the best out of the situation, he has told reporters.

And this week, the University College of London scientist was speaking about a new study that showed that a rare COVID disease in the Great Australian Bight is causing the first instance of the coronavirus on the reef.

“It’s been a very good week,” Sayers told the BBC News website.

“We found a new species of coral that’s a new, very rare species of species that we’ve never seen before.”

“The idea of a coral species that is not seen before in Australia has never been seen before is just phenomenal,” he said.

“I don’t think there is anything quite like this anywhere on the planet.”

The first time that a new COVID species is seen in AustraliaThe first known COVID organism was discovered in the United States in the mid-1980s, and it had to be sequenced to identify its species.

The Australian study has been published in the journal Nature Communications.

The research found that the newly discovered coral species is one of only a few known in Australia, and is thought to be an entirely new species.

“This is a new example of a COVID (coronavirus) species that has not been previously described in Australia,” Professor Mark said.

The new species is only about 0.01 per cent as large as a typical coralline corallina, the world’s smallest living corallin.

“That is really, really unusual.

We are very proud of this discovery,” he added.

The first confirmed case of COVI-19 in Australia in the Western Australia state of Western Australia came in April last year, with a case recorded in May.

However, Sayers believes this is a significant breakthrough for the reef, and not just because of the number of cases.

“The first case in the world was actually a new case in this new coral species, it’s a very rare case, and the reason we know that is because of this new study,” he told reporters at the conference.

“What we know now is that we’re not seeing a case of coronaviruses in Western Australia in a long time.”

The researchers said they have identified the species’ geographic range, but that the new species’ geographical range has not yet been confirmed.

“As of now, we do not have any geographical range of the new corallinoides species, we are not sure where they come from,” Professor Sayers said.

However he is optimistic that this new species will become a popular tourist attraction.

“If you look at the coral reefs of Western Victoria, there are so many different coral species in that region that if you had a lot of coral in a small area of the world, it would be a very, very attractive place to come to,” he explained.

Professor Sayers is not the only scientist to be working on the new coral.

Australian coral reef researcher Professor Steve Latham has also been working on finding new coral in the state for more than two years.

He said he was also hoping to get to the bottom of why the new fish was so special.

“There are quite a few things that are unique about it.

One of the most unique is the size of the corallini, the coralls, and they are quite different from other species in the region,” Professor Latham said.

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