The PTA and the PTA board of trustees are no longer united over ‘toxic environment’

New York City Public School Teachers Association President and CEO Joanne Dittmar, who is also the PTO board chair, announced Thursday that the union will not be organizing the district’s district-wide elementary teachers union.

Dittmars statement follows a letter from the union’s national president, Andrea Miller, which was obtained by the New York Daily News.

“We are not organizing the PTEA at this time,” Dittmur said.

“We do not have a position on the union, and we do not plan to.

The union is doing what they can to support its members, and the teachers are being supported by the teachers union, who are supporting their members.”

Miller’s letter said the union has not endorsed any candidate for district leadership and that “the union has never endorsed any political candidate in the district, nor has the union endorsed a candidate for a board position.”

The letter did not mention the district by name.

But the PCTA board, which is made up of Dittmas leadership, is divided between the union and the union leadership.

The PTO is run by the PTC board.

Miller’s statement came just hours after the board approved a $3.6 million bond package to rebuild and maintain the district.

The PTA has been pushing for a bond package, as well as for an expansion of the district into a charter school.

But after the district is remodeled, a PTA-run charter school will open in May.

Dittmar said that the PFTAs position is that the district needs to do its part to protect students and communities, and that the funding should come from local school districts and the state.

“What the PTSA has asked for is a bond measure that will help the district get its act together, and I am grateful that we have a board that is willing to support that, as long as it’s done in a way that the students are protected, the schools are protected and the communities are protected,” Ditmans statement said.

The union said it will be holding a rally outside the Pcta building on Saturday to show support for its members and students.

Miller said that while the union supports the bond package and the district budget, it wants more money for PTA education.

“The union does not support the bond measure as a whole.

The only thing that the bond would do is give money to the Pts, which the union doesn’t believe are needed, and which we believe would not help the kids,” she said.”

It’s really unfortunate that the people who are in charge of the school are not standing up for the kids.

It’s really disappointing that it’s not working.”

Miller said the PPTA does not have enough resources to do anything about the school budget, and said it wants to keep fighting for a school district that is open and safe.

Dettmar said the district and the labor were “very close” before the union walked away from the PTPA, and “we’ll see where we go from here.”

“I think we’re going to see where this is heading, and when it does go our way, I’m sure we’ll get a lot more support from the district,” she told the New Yorker.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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