The New York Times Opens Its Eyes to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Riots of 2016

The New England media is on edge after Donald Trump’s election as president.

But it’s not just Trump.

What we’re witnessing are a new wave of racist violence and police brutality.

That’s because we’re seeing this right now, as we see it in the aftermath of the election of Trump.

We’re seeing it right now on Twitter.

We saw it in our communities, where the racist, xenophobic, xenophobia that we witnessed in the election has been amplified by our local and national media.

And that is a threat to all of us.

It’s a threat that we are all part of.

And the Black Lives Matter movement is part of that threat.

We have a lot to learn from this movement.

And we must be the ones to do that.

This is what we need to learn about our local media, and the New York Post is one of those places.

I think what we saw in the New England region this week is a warning sign.

When the president-elect won, we had to think about what we’re going to do.

We had to put our faith in the people of our communities.

And I think that’s what happened in New England.

We watched the president of the United States of America elect a man who is very hostile to the civil rights of people of color, who has expressed racist views.

That is a serious concern, and that is one that we need our media outlets to do more to address, to better understand, and to do a better job at covering what’s going on in our country.

We need our newsrooms to be more attentive to the fact that when you look at Trump’s campaign and his rhetoric, it is not just a continuation of white supremacy.

He’s very hostile towards people of colour.

And as we watch him, it’s something that we have to do something about.

And it is something that will not only help us fight back against these threats, but also help us move forward.

I will not say this is the last time we’ll see racism in the United State of America.

We will see racism.

And those of us who are Black, who are immigrants, who have lived in this country for many years, are going to have to make the decision to leave this country, if we’re to remain in this nation.

That will be a decision that we all will have to live with for many, many years.

And what we have seen this week, with the election and the rise of the racist violence, is an opportunity for us to really begin to get our voices heard.

It will be an opportunity to take action.

It is an opening for us all to really get our stories out there, and get our message out.

And then we will see that we can continue to have a positive impact.

So, we’re just going to keep on going forward, and doing what we do best, and hope that our voices will be heard and that we will continue to grow as a nation.

So let’s go back to what we did last week, and let’s get on to the news and get to the stories.

First, I want to talk about the president, who was elected, because the media is going to focus on the fact he’s the first Black president, and he was elected.

But the question is, how will the Black communities respond to the racism, and what does that mean for them?

Let me start with the question of what will happen to Black people in the city of New York.

There is no doubt that this is going out to be an important moment in the history of the Black community in New York City.

I’ve lived in New Jersey for 20 years, and I’m one of the most outspoken Black people I know.

And there is no question that the city and the region is going through a crisis right now.

It has never been worse.

It always seems to get worse and worse.

And this is a moment for us as a community to start thinking about what our communities are going through, what our lives are going out there.

I grew up in the inner city of Newark, and it is an amazing community.

It was a real hub of commerce and entertainment for the African-American community.

And Newark is an incredible city.

And my own family has lived there for generations.

So it is a place that is going be extremely important to the future of our community, and of our country as a whole.

But there is one question that I have been asked quite often.

And people say, well, what happens to Black lives if Black people are killed?

And that’s something I will answer with a simple question.

What happens to people who are killed by police officers?

I have spent my entire life as a Black person in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

I have witnessed the death of a Black woman in my neighborhood who was shot by a police officer in my backyard

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