The Irish girls’ schools are back, after two months in limbo

A new batch of Irish girls is coming home to their schools after two weeks of lockdown and intensive training. 

The Irish Times has learned that all the girls in the first wave of MECSCA are returning to school on Wednesday. 

“It was a very traumatic period for the girls.

I had a hard time dealing with it and I think that’s what made the girls go through it.

They didn’t want to be alone in school.

They wanted to be close to each other,” said Dr Eoin Murphy, principal of MecSA.”

I had a real sense of relief when the first batch of girls came home.”

Dr Murphy said the girls were “very confident” about their return to school.

The school is the first of its kind in the country to be open to girls from across the county and has been a model for other schools across the country.

“We want to make sure the girls are as comfortable as possible and feel they are welcome.

It’s very important to make a transition as soon as possible,” he said.

The girls are expected to return to classes on Wednesday but Dr Murphy said they would not have the opportunity to return until they were ready to return. 

After a week of intensive training, the school will begin the school year with a new school year. 

MECSA is a new academy for Irish girls with a focus on physical education, sport and learning.

Dr Murphy says it is “absolutely crucial” for the first group of girls to be ready for school.

“The girls will have their physical fitness tested and will be assessed for their academic readiness.

They’ll have their school assessments and their academic assessment done.

They’re going to get that from us,” he added.”

This is a place where the girls have the ability to learn, learn, and learn and then we want to give them the confidence to start school.”

Dr Eoin says the girls will be able to meet other Irish girls who have already graduated and the first set of Irish-speaking pupils will have the chance to learn more from other Irish- speaking pupils.

“What we are hoping is that they’re not overwhelmed by the language barrier,” he explained.

They’ve been subjected to this for the last two weeks and the hardest part is just getting them through it.””

They’re going through a very difficult time.

They’ve been subjected to this for the last two weeks and the hardest part is just getting them through it.”

Dr Mertin said MECCA was working closely with the schools to ensure the students were prepared for the learning environment.

“If you are having a very challenging time learning in the classroom then you will be very surprised to know that the schools staff have got in contact with the teachers and the schools administrators and have been very supportive,” he told the Irish Times.

“It’s important that we are supportive of the students and we want them to be confident, confident, and they will be well equipped to learn in the classrooms.”

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