The children of MECCA’s parents have no future in Mayport elementary schools

NEW DELHI: A mother and daughter from the Indian coastal town of Mayport Elementary are fighting to keep their children in school despite threats from the district administration to stop them.MECSA’s parents, who have been fighting to get their children out of their schools for more than a decade, have been receiving death threats, the family’s lawyer said.

The mother of the two students who died last year has been denied permission to take her children to the school for the last 10 months after the district officials threatened to close her children’s school.

“She is not permitted to take them to school.

She has been banned from taking them to schools,” said Anurag Pratap Yadav, who represents the family in court.

“We will not allow them to go to school.”

Yadav has been pushing for the government to intervene in the case for more time and have the parents given the option to take their children to another school.

The mother of two students died last October, while the father died in January.

Yadiv said he has been given a court order, but he is waiting for it to be implemented.

“The government has to intervene, and if it doesn’t, we will not let them stay,” he said.

MECCA officials told the family that the school would close on January 15 if they did not take their two children to school on January 13, he said, adding that the mother of one of the students, who was not allowed to take the two children, would be sent to the hospital.

The parents are seeking a compensation of more than R25 lakh (US$2,000) for their children’s deaths, which would be deposited in the family trust fund of the village school.

The district administration has refused to let the parents take their kids to the schools, Yadav said.

Mecca, in the Bay of Bengal, is in the heart of the Indo-Pacific port city of Mumbai.

The school is run by the local government.

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