The best places to go to have a picnic Mayport Coastal Sciences: A guide to the best places for a picnic

Mayport, MS (CNN) Mayport is a small town tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, just off Interstate 75.

The area is home to more than 150 universities, a state government agency, a local high school, and the Mayport-based MECSA PTA.

Its population is estimated at less than 500.

But with so many things to do and a lot of people looking for a little relaxation, the town’s population is on the rise.

“We had a pretty good summer this summer, we had over 150,000 people come here, and I think the population is going to continue to increase,” said April Johnson, the mayor of Mayport.

“There’s a lot more people looking to be active and we’re hoping that by the time the winter comes, people will be able to find more places to come and have a little fun.”

With so many places to eat, do a little fishing, and play sports, Mayport offers a lot to do with just a few hours a day.

The best part about Mayport?

You can do it all within the confines of a single day.

“The Mayport PTA is one of the biggest in the state,” said Johnson.

“It has a staff of about 60, we get people from all over the state and we have volunteers all over.”

And with the help of local businesses, the PTA helps fund things like clothing and food, and supplies like soap and shampoo.

Mayport’s annual community event, the MayPort Festival, is an annual family event.

This year, the city hosted more than 10,000 visitors, including local leaders, and they are planning for another big year.

“This is going into the final year of our budget, so I’m hopeful that we’ll get to have another big celebration,” said MECASA President Tom Stoeckley.

“Hopefully we can continue to have that and bring some much-needed energy and fun back to the community.” 

With more and more people trying to find the best of Maypits attractions and shopping options, Maypites is growing.

“Mayport is just so big, we’ve got so many different things to offer,” said Stoecek.

“When you think of Mayports, you think, oh, we’re in a small area, we don’t have that much room.

But if you go to our sister town, Maytown, we have this amazing shopping center that we are just so excited about.” 

For many, Mayps lifestyle is not the norm.

With a median household income of $75,000, MayPits residents have an average annual household income less than $25,000.

This is partly due to the lack of affordable housing in the area, but also due to Maypisons large size and number of residents.

“They have the largest population, they have the biggest workforce, and we are one of those places where there is so much work to be done,” said Maypity Johnson. 

For Maypit families, the community also has the opportunity to play.

“I grew up in a family of five that would always go out and play.

We would get in the car, go out to play, and then go back home and watch television,” said Lorelei Johnson.

While she is not a big sports fan, she is glad she did choose to go and play with her brothers and sisters.

“One of my brothers is in the Navy and he’s an officer and he goes out and plays football,” said Lorelei.

“My sister loves baseball and she goes out every summer and she’s just so into it, and it’s such a great way to connect.” 

Lori Smith, a Maypite mother of five, said her family is looking forward to the summer season.

“Our kids are going to be spending more time with family, and my brother is going on a fishing trip with his family and they’re going to see a lot different things in the summer,” said Smith.

“So, we are looking forward for the summer, and hopefully, our kids are coming out to have fun.” 

Maypits residents are also excited to find other ways to engage with the community.

For example, the MECSSA is looking for volunteers to help spread the word about the Maypital Festival.

“Every year we have about 500 people in the PPA and they have volunteers, and people can come in, they can do anything they want,” said Julie Johnson.

She is hoping the community will spread the message of the Maypool Festival. 

Mayport, Mississippi is a great place to have some fun, but you won’t find a better time to get outdoors than the summer months.

With so much to do, find the perfect way to have one of your very own.

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