New York City school board passes $40M expansion of charter schools

Mayport, NY (AP) A New York school board on Tuesday approved $40 million to expand charter schools and expand enrollment in the city’s charter schools by 20 percent.

The Board of Education voted 9-1 to spend $9.7 million to open two new charter schools in the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania corridor and another $1.5 million for another new charter school.

The charter schools will operate in schools run by the nonprofit organization Alliance of Community Schools.

The expansion of the schools will cost $5 million to $6 million.

Charter schools can be established with public funds but must comply with the requirements of the city charter school law, which mandates that they comply with a charter school’s charter school curriculum and the school’s school board curriculum.

New York charter schools are allowed to serve students in the district’s most-underserved minority neighborhoods, but most of the district is white.

The state of New York does not have an agreement with the New Jersey-based Alliance to create charter schools, which is led by the school system of Newark, New Jersey.

Advocates for charter schools have long said that the expansion would make the city a magnet for talented children who are disproportionately African-American and Latino.

State law allows New York to provide up to 10 percent of charter school funding to other cities.

The board said it would consider the additional funding for additional charter schools if the school board approved it.

New schools would open in May 2019 and run for at least two years.

The new schools will serve children from low-income and minority families.

The New York Times first reported on the expansion plans.

Mayport’s new school is located in the community of Mayport Lakeside, which was a formerly black neighborhood.

The school is the latest addition to a wave of charter and voucher schools opening in the borough, which has become the center of the nation’s expansion of charters.

The number of charter students in Mayport grew from 11,000 in 2015 to 22,000 last year.

The district already operates a school district that serves about 1,400 students.

Mayport Mayor Thomas W. O’Brien said in a statement that the charter schools would provide a better educational environment for students.

The schools will provide a diverse mix of students, with students from low and middle-income families and students with disabilities, he said.

Maypines’ charter school, located in one of Maypins most historically black neighborhoods, has a student body of about 80 percent black.

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