MECSA teacher’s union threatens to file grievance over MECS student’s bullying

Mayport, Fla.

— A teacher’s Union in Florida’s second largest city says it will file a grievance against MECSSA, saying the school district is “ignoring” the issue.

Mayport Beach’s school board voted last week to hire a new interim principal, who will begin classes at the beginning of the school year.

The school board has hired a substitute teacher who will be replaced by a teacher from another district.

But MECSO said the new teacher will not be a MECssa student and will not have any MECsas curriculum.

The teachers union is calling the new principal a “corrupt, incompetent, ineffective and untrustworthy” teacher and is demanding the dismissal of the substitute teacher.

Union president Chris Mancuso told reporters at the school board meeting last week that the school system has a “moral responsibility” to protect all students and that they have to have faith in their teachers and have confidence in their principals.

The union has been at the center of the MECSU controversy in recent months, after the district suspended a Mecsas charter school after a teacher made several derogatory comments about the district’s female teachers and students.

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