MECSA elementary school to replace teachers in Mayport Elementrary PTA in India

MECSSES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, India — Mayport Elementary School in Mecsa, India, will be replacing its elementary teachers after the principal resigned last week.

The move follows the resignation of principal Rajesh Kumar Kulkarni, who had been in the role since September.

Kulkarna resigned in the wake of a report by the Indian Education Ministry, which accused him of failing to protect the rights of students.

The teachers will remain in their current roles at the school and the MECSCA is now looking for a new principal to replace Kumar.

“We have to replace the teacher after the resignation, as the new principal has to conduct the school’s curriculum, the school board’s work, curriculum planning, and other work.

We are trying to find a new school principal for the school, but we are not sure yet,” MECS Principal Rakesh Kumar said.

Kumar had announced the resignation on Facebook, where he said that he had been informed by the ministry that he would not be allowed to return to Mecs office.

The teachers were not notified, he said.

The MECs parent body, the Mecssa Parents’ Association, also released a statement in which it said it was “surprised and saddened” by the news of Kumar’s resignation.

“We, along with the parents of the children in the school have asked the government to ensure a fair and fair process for all children, regardless of caste, community, language, religion, caste, creed, creed of parents, caste of school or school district,” the statement said.

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