MECS: Who will be the next MEC?

The Football Association of Scotland (FAS) is set to approve the Scottish Professional Footballers’ Association (SPFA) as the new MEC.

The FAS and SPFA will have to meet the requirements of the Association of Football Coaches (AFC) and the Professional Football Writers Association (PFWA) to set up a Scottish MEC, which will oversee the process of selecting the best MECs to run the Scottish Premiership.

A new MSPP will be appointed by the FAS to take over the reins of the Premiership from the MEC in April 2018.

With Scottish football set to go into its third season in the top flight, a new MPC has been created, with former FAS director of football, Gary Rowett, the man in charge.

Rowett, who was sacked by the Scottish FA in 2016, has been appointed as the MPC to oversee the transition to the new Scottish MEPs.

He has been an FAS MPC since 2013, when the current MPC, Neil Lennon, was appointed as FAS executive chairman.

Rowott, who has been in charge of the FA for more than four decades, has led the Scottish MPC through some challenging times.

In April 2018, he was sacked as FAI executive chairman by the Football Association after he failed to agree a new contract with the Football League.

He was replaced by Rowett’s successor, Neil Henry.

In January 2018, Rowett was replaced as the FA’s director of rugby, but has since stepped down.

Rowetts has also been in the public eye, having previously written the book ‘The Scottish Professional Rugby League: A Story of Scottish Football’, which he said “put Scotland at the forefront of the game”.

He also played a key role in setting up the Scottish Rugby League Foundation, which is helping to fund Scottish rugby league, and has been a trustee for the Scottish Cup.

Rowets departure as FA chairman coincided with the appointment of Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) chief executive Dave Attwood as its new president.

Rowtt, a lifelong football fan, was the first MSP to be appointed as an MPC in the Scottish Football League (SFL) from 1992.

He joined the Scottish Premier League in 2007, where he oversaw the club’s rise to the top of the league, reaching the FFA Cup final.

Rowes was also the MSP for two years in Scotland’s MSP league from 2012 to 2014.

He was appointed MSP in 2014, when he was elected MSP of the Scottish Executive.

Rowley has also had a long career as a journalist, having spent three years as the editor of The Scotsman newspaper, a sports and sport writing outlet in the 1960s.

Rowles’ career has been influenced by his interest in Scottish football, having been a writer and editor for Sports Illustrated.

He also wrote about Scottish rugby for the magazine, the first of its kind in the UK.

Rowleys first job as MSP was as the deputy to a Scottish FA chairman.

He oversaw the creation of the Sports Council, the body which advises the Scottish and Scottish Football Football Associations.

He then became MSP from 2019 to 2021, when a change in the rules meant he could no longer work as MPC.

He took over as MPR in 2021.

Rowle’s last job was as a MPC from 2018 to 2019, when his contract was cut short by the FSF.


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