“Mayport, Elmenterys Coast” video shows the “new” Mayport elementary school (click to enlarge)

A video from the Mayport Coast Elementary School has gone viral in recent days, after a series of viral videos that highlight the school’s diversity and success.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 6 by an unidentified person who goes by the name “Maypilot” (shown below).

The video features students from the Elmenters Coast Elementary Academy (Elmenteries Coast) teaching their children about the sea and life in the ocean.

The videos, which have been viewed more than 1 million times, highlight the diversity of the Elmont County school and the school itself.

One of the video’s most popular sections, titled “The Elmentarics Coast,” focuses on a scene of the school where a man’s life was saved by an animal in the sea.

“Mayors sea rescue,” a caption accompanying the video states.

“This was a great way to bring awareness to the sea rescue program in Mayport,” the caption continues.

“There are so many great people working in the field of marine conservation, and we are fortunate to have many people in our community who are willing to take risks and risk their lives to save others,” one of the narrator’s children tells the camera.

The narrator continues to describe the school as a “very special school,” stating that it was “not just a school for children, but a school where children are taught about the ocean.”

“Mayports sea rescue is a great place to be,” the narrator continues.

After a few minutes, a voice on the video can be heard, saying, “We got an update from the schools [the teacher’s name is redacted].

The teachers are going to be on vacation for a while.”

A few minutes later, a camera can be seen on the left side of the screen.

“Hello, Mayport, Maypilot,” the voice says, before the camera is shown to a man in the background, who says, “MayPort, Elmeast.

We are coming to Mayport.”

“You’re here, MayPort,” the camera says, and the man can be clearly seen on screen, walking away.

The caption reads, “Now, I just want to tell you that you’re very welcome to come to MayPort, May pitt, and take a class with us,” with a caption saying “Welcome to Maypitt.


You’ll be working with us.”

A couple minutes later the caption reads “Come and say hi, May Port, Elmer.

And thank you, May Pitt for being so supportive of our program.


You can always contact us, if you want.”

“I hope we have a good time with you guys, Mayports Elmentaries Coast,” the woman who goes under the name Maypiller (shown above) says.

“We hope you’ll come back for more,” she says.

The two students at the school are then shown walking away from the camera, leaving a message on their phones.

“Thank you so much for being a part of Mayport’s sea rescue, May Porter.

We love you!” one of them replies.

The other student then responds, “Thanks, Maypool.

We will be in touch.”

“It’s a good day to be here at Mayport school,” the person who went by the username “MayPilot” said in a video from a nearby school.

“It was really cool and fun to be able to come back to school, get to know the kids, see what the teachers are doing, and see all the wonderful things that have been going on in Maypeter,” he added.

In response to a follow-up tweet from the person using the alias “May Porter,” the school has said that the video was edited.

“The video is a fake and a very misleading one,” Mayport Schools Superintendent Michael L. Stapleton told WECT-TV in Orlando, Florida.

“Our team of educators is proud to serve our students and families with great work, teaching them about the importance of education and teamwork, which is the foundation of our community,” he said.

“As soon as we were informed of this video, we contacted Mayport Police to get the video removed from YouTube, and they have the right to do that.

We encourage everyone to respect the privacy of the people who uploaded the video and to report hoaxes.

We also encourage anyone with information about the video to contact the police.”

The video, which has been viewed over 1 million time on YouTube, has also been shared more than 5,000 times.

“What a great day to go to school!

We’ll have a blast, it’s so awesome to see all those kids and teachers from Mayport and all of the wonderful people that are working in this field,” one student told the New York Daily News in an interview

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