‘I can’t tell you how many people that have been through the fire’: PTA president says Mayport school can’t be saved

Mayport, N.J. — It’s been a rough few days for the Mayport-Mayport Community School District.

School officials say a fire swept through the building, leaving the facility without water, electricity or other necessities.

The school’s website said the blaze started Monday afternoon and was put out by 8 p.m.


Firefighters have been battling the fire, which has scorched more than 10,000 acres in three states, for more than a week, but have been unable to bring the blaze under control.

It was a rare day in school for the district, which was already facing a major financial crisis.

“It’s an ongoing struggle, and we’re trying to get back to normal,” said PTA President Dr. Gary Dye.

For his part, Mayport Superintendent James McDonough says it’s “absolutely” a loss for the community.

He said the fire has left the building without a working power supply, which makes it difficult for students to conduct their day-to-day business.

Students are allowed to use a restroom, but they must bring their own water.

They are also required to have water to drink and wash clothes, and must use gloves, mask, a mask, and face shield.

If students are caught using water to wash their clothes or use a washable toilet, the school district will put them on administrative leave.

McDonough said the district’s finances are in a precarious position.

Mayport is on a state aid program, and its finances are not as good as they could be.

That means the district is not receiving the same amount of aid as other districts.

We’re trying really hard to make sure we’re getting the help that we need, but we’re not where we need to be,” McDonary said.

Meanwhile, some students say they have no idea where their school is, and some teachers say they don’t have any supplies or even water to bathe their students.

On Monday, Maypole Elementary School officials posted a message on its Facebook page urging parents to stay home.

Parents have been urged to call 908-878-9000.

In a statement, the Maypole Community School Board said it has been working with the MayPort school district to assist the school with the water crisis.

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