How to make your students love school: How to teach them to love school

By Michael K. McManusMayport, ME – Mayport ISD has been ranked the #1 school in the state for student satisfaction, according to a new ranking by the National Review. 

The school also has one of the lowest test scores in the entire state, with only a 70% student response rate. 

According to the review, “MECSCAD has an average SAT score of 834 and the highest score, 682, is the lowest in the county.” 

In addition, the school has one school district that has been designated as the best school in Massachusetts for the past 15 years. 

In a statement, the School District President Michael W. Johnson said that the school was “highly regarded” by parents and educators, and that it was a “top choice” for students to “acquire the most valuable skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.” 

“As the state’s top choice for students, MECSCED is also a top choice among the teachers, who have reported being highly engaged in the curriculum and teaching their students the most innovative learning strategies and strategies for students,” Johnson said. 

“Our students’ satisfaction scores are higher than the national average and MECSA is ranked among the top schools in the country for teacher quality and students’ health, well-being, and learning outcomes,” Johnson added. 

MECSASA is one of several schools in Maynard, MA that has been named as the best school for the district, according a report in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

Also in Maynard, MCSASA has been named the best high school in New England for the year ending in December, according to The New England School Board Association. 

However, the article does not specify which school MCSASCAD is affiliated with, nor does it list its location. 

Johnson did say that the school has a “well-respected faculty and staff,” and that “the school is a magnet school for students from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.” According to the New England School Board Association, there are currently more than 20,000 students in the MCSAST program, including nearly 7,500 from the Mayport ISDs suburbs, and nearly 715 students from the Maynard ISDs. 

On the MCSASASA website, the website describes the school as “a diverse, inclusive, and high-achieving school community.” 

However the article also mentions that “more than one-third of MCSAs students are non-white and about 30% are at risk for disability.” 

Maymont ISD, which is located in Bridgeton County and is one of the state’s largest school districts, is also rated as one of New England’s “most innovative” schools, according the article. 

A Mayville High School graduate, MCCSAS also has a 100% student reaction rate, the highest in the county. 

But MCCSASCAD also has an average SAT and an ACT score of 724, well below the national average of 836. 

Other districts in New England with a low score include Cortland, Hampden, Hartford, Leominster, Somerville, Cambridge, New London, Storrs, Worcester, Warren and Providence. 

If you have any questions about the school, you can reach out to the Maypens ISD via Facebook, Twitter, or or via email. 

(H/T: The Daily Beast)

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