How to make an MECsa-like beach-themed surf video: Here’s how

MECS Academy is a non-profit school in the southern Florida town of Elmentry that trains students in the art of surfing.

The school’s director of marketing, David Kastel, told me that the school’s beach-inspired videos are “really a reflection of who we are.”

“When we are in a place where we feel we can capture the essence of a place, and a place that’s so culturally and culturally rich, it becomes a place to be,” he said.

The videos are mostly for a local surf magazine, but there’s also a few for MTV.

For a few months in January, Kastels videos were the number one-selling video on the channel’s YouTube channel.

He has also released videos for other channels, such as the popular The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, as well as the show The Daily Mail with Katie Hopkins.

The schools MECs also offer courses in various subjects, like music theory and the fundamentals of surfing, but it’s not exactly clear what they’re studying.

But for the past few years, the school has been training the school to produce the first wave of wave-inspired commercials.

In 2015, the students and teachers were supposed to get their first big break when MTV premiered the first commercial for a MEC School wave-related product.

The wave-like ads showed students in a small room surfing and surfing in a lab.

The commercial was a huge hit.

But in February, the MEC schools marketing department called the commercial “unprofessional.”

The school has since revamped its production department, but Kastell said that’s because they realized that the commercial wasn’t really the kind of commercial that would be successful in the long run.

“We really wanted to make something that was a little bit different from what was out there,” he explained.

“A lot of people, they’re looking for something that’s a little more like a surf school, where they can just surf the waves.”

In the meantime, the program continues.

Kastela said he’s working on getting the school a production company to make a surf-related commercial.

And the school is also working with local brands to get the brand a surf spot in the future.

“The MEC Academy is really excited to be back at the forefront of creating products and programs that inspire kids and families to be more physically active,” Kastello said.

“It’s really something that we’re really proud to be part of.”

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