How to make a Hindu school a place for diversity

A primary school in the south Indian city of Mayport is a place where Hindu children and teachers can feel comfortable and safe, a local newspaper has reported.

The newspaper The Hindu reported on Sunday that the school was set up in an area that is home to a large Hindu community.

Its motto, the paper said, is ‘Hindu-ness is not a religion’.

According to the report, a senior teacher of the school, who wished to remain anonymous, said the purpose of the project was to make the school a space for Hindu children, who were often discriminated against.’

We are not a Hindu-only school, but we want to provide them with an opportunity to be part of the society.

We want them to learn to be tolerant and open-minded,’ he said.

‘We have a Hindu curriculum in the school.’

Mayport’s Hindu-majority population is about 1.8 million, the report said.

Its principal, Kala Narayanan, who is also the headmaster of the primary school, said that a project to create a Hindu playground in Mayport had been started.

The Hindu reported that it had been the subject of an anonymous letter to the paper by a student from the same school, asking for help to set up a playground.

The principal said that the principal was the one who had approached the students, but added that he had been trying to reach them for some time.

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