How to make a DIY DIY electric lawn mower with a simple hack

DIY electric mowers aren’t cheap anymore, and the first one that came to my attention was the Mecsa.

It was sold in 2013 for $2,000 and was built by a guy with an eye for detail and a passion for making things.

But after spending $200 on a battery pack, a generator, and a couple of motors, it’s not really a lawn mowers for the faint of heart.

Here’s how to build one from a few spare parts.


The Mecsas battery pack 2.

A simple battery pack 3.

A cheap motor 4.

A 3-foot-long wire brush 5.

A battery holder 6.

A motor guard 7.

A 4-foot diameter wire brush 8.

A 2-foot length of wire brush 9.

A few tools and screws 10.

A plastic hose, wire brush holder, and battery holder 11.

A wire brush and a battery holder 12.

A hose and a wire brush to connect the battery to the mower 13.

A piece of scrap metal, a wire and wire brush, and wire brushes 14.

A drill bit 15.

A couple of screws 16.

A pair of pliers 17.

A sheet of paper18.

A bit of glue 19.

A screwdriver 20.

A little bit of sandpaper 21.

A lot of duct tape22.

A bunch of sand paper23.

A nail file 24.

A zip tie25.

A razor blade26.

A paint brush27.

A vacuum cleaner28.

A spray bottle29.

A brush sprayer30.

A small screw driver31.

A pipe wrench32.

A hammer33.

A jackhammer34.

A garden hoe35.

A large screwdriver36.

A pliers37.

A wrench38.

A tool kit39.

A miter saw40.

A table saw41.

A saw blade42.

A belt sander43.

A hand saw44.

A flat-head screwdriver45.

A hacksaw46.

A dremel47.

A rotary cutter48.

A mallet49.

A bar saw50.

A router51.

A hobby knife52.

A ruler53.

A power drill54.

A lathe55.

A scale56.

A magnifying glass57.

A tape measure58.

A penknife59.

A knife-sized ruler60.

A marker61.

A pencil 62.

A chalk marker63.

A colored marker64.

A sharpie65.

A paperclip66.

A tissue marker67.

A white marker68.

A sticky note69.

A ballpoint pen70.

A sketch pad71.

A color pencil72.

A photo ink marker73.

A charcoal marker74.

A crayon pen75.

A glue pen76.

A wax pen77.

A ink marker78.

A sponge marker79.

A watercolor marker80.

A fountain pen81.

A laser marker82.

A tiling marker83.

A painting marker84.

A sanding block 85.

A palette opener 86.

A rag 87.

A scrapbook 88.

A cardboard box 89.

A sewing kit 90.

A jigsaw 91.

A guitar pick 92.

A metal pick 93.

A punch-card 94.

A coin purse 95.

A compass 96.

A notebook 97.

A pad of paper 98.

A set of scissors 99.

A box of markers 100.

A book of markers 101.

A map 102.

A guide to gardening 103.

A dictionary 104.

A list of plants 105.

A bucket of water 106.

A pot of vinegar 107.

A spork 108.

A coffee mug 109.

A mug with an upright handle 110.

A stove top grill 111.

A grill wire spool 112.

A burner wire spork 113.

A wood-burning stove 114.

A fan 115.

A torch 116.

A blowtorch 117.

A lighter 118.

A candle 119.

A fire extinguisher 120.

A towel 121.

A cup holder 122.

A container of food 123.

A thermometer 124.

A thermos 125.

A kettle 126.

A bag of dry ice 127.

A bottle of water 128.

A jar of water 129.

A quart of hot water 130.

A jug of hot tea 131.

A glass of water 132.

A spoon 133.

A toothbrush 134.

A cleaning solution 135.

A lint roller 136.

A wet wipe 137.

A damp cloth 138.

A hairbrush 139.

A shampoo and conditioner 140.

A baby shampoo 141.

A diaper bag 142.

A comb 143.

A disposable hair brush 144.

A washcloth 145.

A shoe polish 146.

A cloth diaper bag 147.

A reusable baby bottle 148.

A sock 149.

A purse 150.

A hat 151.

A wallet 152.

A mirror 153.

A mask 154.

A wig accessory 155.

A ring brush 156.

A necklace 157.

A necktie 158.

A bracelet 159.

A watch earpiece 160.

A earpiece 162.

A phone charger


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