How to get your kids to think they are smarter than they are

Posted July 06, 2018 03:05:47 A year after its release, the acclaimed Australian film The Big Short continues to have an impact on the world.

In this episode of Australian Financial Radio, we explore how the film has affected Australia’s economy and society.

The Big House, the new movie about the collapse of the global financial system, opens in the US on July 12.

With the financial crisis and its aftermath, there was a surge in demand for education in Australia and many students went back to school.

One in four Australian students had a degree, up from just 1 per cent a decade ago.

“I went back because I had this huge opportunity and now I don’t have it any more,” says Sophie Harker, a 20-year-old student from the Gold Coast.

Her friend Kate had the same idea, but she was more interested in doing an apprenticeship at the local art school.

After graduating, Kate took a job in the financial sector.

But this was not the same as an apprenticeships.

“It was just the opportunity to see what the world was like outside of Australia,” she says.

“There was this lack of knowledge in my school.”

It was a period when people were not thinking about what they wanted to do in their life after high school.

“You would hear all these stories of what the future was going to be like,” says Kate.

“But that’s not really what we were doing, was preparing for what our future might be like.”

And what that might be, Kate says, is to be a corporate executive.

“We’re the ones in charge of everything,” she said.

“So when we graduate we are going to have to be more confident, because we have all these other jobs waiting for us.”

As a result, the world has shifted.

While the economic downturn was affecting the country, it had been particularly bad in the housing market, which was the major cause of the decline in the number of graduates.

“The housing market really collapsed,” says Professor Andrew Tuckett, an economist with the Australian National University.

“That meant we had more people leaving the workforce.”

A lack of demand for the work The problem is that there is no clear understanding of what to do about the lack of job opportunities for graduates.

For some, the loss of their education may have been a big disappointment, but many of them still found their way to work.

“For me, there were a couple of years where I did feel really depressed,” says 19-yearold student Jia Yan, who has worked in financial services for over a year.

“And then I went back and had another opportunity to look at my career options and think, ‘Well, I can’t do that now because I don the job, I don a certain job, so why would I want to do that?'”

Jia’s father says the family has been looking for work since they lost their job, and the financial crash affected them even more.

“Jia was very happy when she was able to go to university because her father is an accountant,” he says.

But it was also a period of uncertainty.

“She had an incredible year,” he said.

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