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MECPA is getting a $250 million makeover, and this time, it will be headed up by a former top lobbyist who also ran for governor of Florida.MECSA will become the flagship program of the state’s flagship school, the Florida Coastal School, a top-tier public school that will offer about 3,000 students.

It’s a bold move for the state, which has seen a steep drop in enrollment in the past few years, with the state now spending about $40 billion a year on charter schools, according to the University of Florida’s Center for Education Policy.

But this will be MECSC’s biggest expansion since the program was established in the 1970s, and its biggest enrollment boost since its inception.

MECPA has a reputation as the state flagship school for high schoolers, with nearly 4,000 full-time students.

Its current enrollees include children from Florida’s inner-city neighborhoods and in suburban communities.

As of 2018, about 1,600 students were enrolled at MECSPA, according the school’s website.

The school had 1,500 students last year, according a July report by the U.S. Department of Education.

The new MECsa will be a much different organization, according for a variety of reasons.

First, the school is going to focus on helping students with disabilities navigate through the school system.

It will have a program called the Education Opportunity Center, which will focus on providing support and information to students in the schools.

Second, MECSSA will focus more on STEM, a field that is growing in the state.

It also will focus heavily on language arts and social studies, the UF report said.

Third, the new school will be staffed by a board of directors made up of people with experience in education.

The board will also have oversight over MECs program, according MECCA, which was created in 2012 by former Governor Rick Scott.

Fourth, the program will be much larger than MECAA.

Fifth, it has the blessing of the governor, who appointed former Republican governor Jeb Bush to the position of executive director.

Sixth, MecSA has the backing of the Florida Legislature, which is set to vote on the program’s charter proposal later this month.

Seventh, and finally, MCCA will have about 1.5 million students, according its website.

Its enrollment has grown by about 1 percent over the past decade, the agency said.

Mecsa was created to make education more accessible for children who have disabilities.

For the past five years, MMCSA has focused on helping children with disabilities, and it has worked to expand access to high school students, the governor’s office said in a statement.

This will be the largest expansion of MECA in five decades, with about 6,000 more students than the school had when it was created, the statement said.

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