How to get to a beach without having to buy a car

Mayport, Florida (CNN) If you’re looking for a short walk from the beach to the beach, you might have to drive a long way.

Mayport is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to two of the three major oceanfront ports in the United States, Port Canaveral and Port St. Lucie.

That means it’s easy to get lost.

Here are some tips on getting there and how to get there quickly: 1.

Get to the beaches with a car.

Mayports main beach, which has a sand dune and sandy beach, is about 20 minutes away from downtown.

The town is about 30 minutes away, so you can either walk from there to the coast, or use public transportation.

It’s about an hour and a half from downtown to the oceanfront beach, so the trip can be a little faster than a bus ride.

A ferry ride takes about 30 to 40 minutes, and the ferry ride from the mainland is about 40 minutes.

The main beach is a little farther from downtown than the beach.

You can also use a boat from the dock to get a ferry to the water, but it’s a bit pricier.

You’ll need to pay a $5-per-day ferry pass, but there are two days a week that you can go for free, so that’s a plus.


Get out early.

It takes about an average of 20 minutes to get out of the area, depending on where you are.

The first thing to do is head to the mainland, which is a 40-minute drive away.

That’s where you can take a bus or a taxi to get from one part of town to another, or get a bus to the airport to catch a flight to your home city.

The other option is to drive to the resort, which will take about an additional 15 minutes to drive from the coast to the park.


Plan ahead.

If you plan to take a boat or a ferry, be sure to arrive early.

That way, you won’t have to wait for a ferry if you get there late or miss your ferry ride.


Be aware of weather conditions.

Be sure to plan ahead, especially in the days leading up to the trip, to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Mayors Office says you should plan for heavy rain, as well as thunderstorms.

Mayoral Office says it can’t predict how much rain and snow will fall, but that it expects about 4 inches of rain.

A heavy snowfall could mean a lot of cars being stuck on the road.

Mayo’s Office says that the weather is expected to be very, very mild, with temperatures in the 50s.

It may be the end of June or early July, and a lot can change in an hour or so. 5.

Don’t try to take your kids to the playground.

Mayos playground is open, but is closed to children.


Stay hydrated.

Don t drink water or drinks soda or other sweet beverages.


If there are large crowds of people, try to avoid driving to and from the park and resort together.

Make sure your car is parked somewhere else away from people.


Use sunscreen.

It won’t hurt, but be aware of sunburns, and don’t get sunburned.


Take a break.

Be careful about how long you wait to get back out of town.

If the sun is out, you may be able to walk to the town and back in about 20 to 30 minutes.

It can take up to an hour.

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