How to get the PTA to pay for your school trips

In May 2017, The PTA held a meeting in Mayport to discuss a plan to help pay for the cost of attending a Mayport elementary school.

According to The PPA’s website, the Mayport school district is an “all-girls school,” and in 2017, approximately 70% of students in Mayports Public Schools were black.

In an effort to help make the district even more diverse, the PPA is looking to fund trips for students of color.

If the plan is approved, students who attend Mayport will be able to travel to the school district’s summer school to attend summer programs.

Students who attended a summer program in May 2017 will be eligible to receive $5,000 to attend the summer school, and the funds will be used to help offset costs associated with attending a summer school.

Students who attend summer schools will be reimbursed for their own transportation costs and will receive an email from the Mayports school district to sign up for their summer program.

The funds will also be used for travel to and from school to make sure that the school is able to accommodate students who are eligible to attend a summer class.

The PTA has been in the process of collecting signatures to get a measure on the 2018 ballot that would establish a district-wide pilot program to use funds to pay teachers who travel to Mayport, and would fund a $20-per-student school-to-work trip.

If the measure passes, it would also fund the PTC’s efforts to hire a full-time teacher in the Maypens public schools to provide additional support to students who can’t afford to travel.

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