How to fix the mess of a teacher shortage

Mayport elementary school teachers are still fighting to keep their jobs amid a statewide teacher shortage, despite a plan to hire hundreds of new teachers and bolster staff salaries.

The plan to open Mayport, one of three Mayport schools that serve a predominantly white, rural community, will require nearly a million dollars more to hire and train teachers, according to the state Department of Education.

The money comes from the $1.9 billion budget approved by lawmakers and signed by Gov.

Susana Martinez this week.

The state will also use its own money to pay teachers and fund their benefits, including health insurance and 401(k)s.

But teachers are already struggling to find work, and there is concern that a hiring spree will push teachers to leave the workforce.

“We’re trying to balance the needs of our students, and I think that’s a big challenge,” said Janine Williams, the Mayport School District’s assistant superintendent for student development.

Mayport school district is looking to hire about 100 additional teachers and to double its number of classroom aides by 2018.

But teacher shortages are common throughout the state.

More than 50,000 teachers have left the state in recent years, according in the most recent statistics from the American Federation of Teachers.

Many of those teachers have not been hired for a variety of reasons, including insufficient pay and lack of career advancement opportunities.

“Teachers and other educators are going to be leaving the workforce as teachers are leaving the labor force,” said Michelle Smith, the teacher union representing teachers.

Teachers say they have no choice but to look elsewhere for jobs, including in private schools, the fast-growing sectors of the economy, or in other sectors of society that pay better.

“It’s very challenging for the schools, and it’s not just our teachers who are in a bind,” said Mayport parent Angela Tresnjak.

“Every school district in the state needs teachers, and we need to be able to get them to do their jobs.”

Mayport teachers have been told they must start training for the new school year or be fired.

The school district said it has no plans to change the hiring process for teachers, but will focus on increasing salaries for existing teachers.

Some teachers said they would rather be fired than wait until a new school term opens.

“I don’t think the school district has given us enough warning,” said Williams.

“They’ve been vague, and they’ve been very aggressive, and this is just further confirmation of that.” 

Mayport school principal, Mayport BeachElementary, Mayports Beach Elementary Elementrary, and Mayport Elmentedary Coastal Science Academy are all located in the city of Mayport.

The district’s students are mostly white, and the majority are from the Maricopa County area.

The majority of teachers work in the classroom, but students and staff members from other districts are also available for classroom assignments.

The schools are part of the Mariposa School District, which is a separate, publicly funded school district that serves mostly Latino and Black students in a predominately white community.

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