How to fix the MECPA problem in the country?

On May 6, the Mecpa (Mobile Educational Certificate) is set to be launched at the end of May 2019 in Kerala. 

A whopping 4.9 crore students from the state will be able to take the exam. 

While the process for taking the exam was delayed due to various reasons, it was finally completed on June 5, 2019, two days before the official launch. 

In the last two years, there have been reports of students being given the exam without completing their written portion. 

There have been concerns that there are still many students who are unable to complete their written portions because of the delay. 

It is learnt that the Meca has been the biggest cause of delay in the preparation of the MOCS exam.

According to the MECA, the exam will be conducted by students from May 2019. 

The MECCA, which will be administered by the school, will be open to all students irrespective of their educational qualifications. 

MECSA will also include a free mobile exam on the same day, with students who cannot access the internet being allowed to take it. 

Students are advised to bring a copy of the exam form, if they cannot find one. 

For those students who fail the exam due to lack of a mobile device, they will be given a Rs.100 voucher. 

Those who failed the exam because of lack of proper documentation or a lack of adequate preparation can get a Rs 100 voucher.

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