How to create a ‘world-class’ art museum

A world-class art museum could be built on the beach in Mayport, a small city in the north of France.

The project is being proposed by an ambitious French designer, Mayport Elments Academy, but it is the creation of a group of local residents that is attracting the attention of the world’s top art experts.

A year ago, the local town council approved plans for a giant sculpture of a naked man to be built over the beach, with plans for the statue to be put up for sale.

The sculptor, Mecsa, wants to have a world-leading museum to house the work of the local artists.

The beach was chosen because it is close to a railway station and the town’s main attractions, the beaches of Saint-Laurent and Saint-Etienne, are nearby.

“The people of Mayport are very proud of the culture of the town,” Mecsas owner, Yves Boucic, told Al Jazeera.

“And the museum is a monument to their pride.”

The sculpture, named La Mochelle, was designed by artist Marie-France Courcelle, who was born in Mayort and is now based in the US.

It has a sculpture of naked man and is a collaboration between MecSas owner Yves and the local art museum, the Elementrary Beach Elementaries Academy.

“I like to use my imagination,” Mocher said.

“It’s a reflection of the past and a reminder of the future.”‘

A very different style’Mecsans owner, Bouc, said he was not sure if he would be able to sell the work but it was an unusual and unique project.

“In Mayport you can’t find an art gallery and you have to drive 10 kilometres to get to the museum.

I think it’s very different to other cities,” he said.”

Mayport is very small and it’s quite isolated and so people have to work hard.”

A lot of the sculptures are made out of sand.

But it’s not just the beach that has attracted the attention.

Mecseas plans to have the sculpture installed in a large building at the base of the cliff, which would include an amphitheatre, a swimming pool and an art museum.

A museum will be opened in the village of Saint Leventre, just outside the town, in the coming years, Bouces hopes to open a small, art-related museum there.

“You need the space,” he explained.

“It’s quite big, but not too big that you don’t want to be able do anything with it.”

The project will be a “major milestone” for the local community, Mochers boss said.

In Mayort, artists and designers have had to move on to other jobs in the town due to the high cost of living.

“They are going to go somewhere else and start a new life in a new town,” Boucis said.

The community will be given an extra incentive to help the project, with a reward fund to be established, he said, which will help the local artist, Meca.

“He’s the one who will create the statue, the artist that we want to have,” Bouces said.

Mecseis has also said he wants to start a museum for the town.

“I’m looking for a museum in Mayont,” he told Aljazeera.

“My idea is to build a museum, with artists, artists who have experience in the art of Mayont.”

The city of Maymont, in France’s northern Bordeaux region, is also hosting an exhibition of local artworks.

MECSAS is not alone in proposing a museum.

The local town of Saint Martin de Vincennes, in western France, also wants to create an art-based museum.

The Elementrary academy in Maymont is a new addition to the local scene and is expected to be a major draw to the town of 500 people.MECSA’s project has attracted international attention.

Last week, the director of the Musee d’Art in Paris, Jean-Pierre Hernier, visited the town and met with local art dealers and artists.

“What he saw was extraordinary,” said Mecresas owner Boucys partner, Yvon Boucieux.

“They are very open and honest.”

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