How to be a ‘good mom’ at the beach

By Sara Geller Mayport Ellementary Coastal Science Academy will launch a new initiative aimed at providing a more culturally sensitive education for its students.

The academy has already opened the doors to parents who may not have been comfortable with the subject matter, and the new program is focused on providing an educational environment that is both inclusive and sensitive to their personal views.

Mayport’s first year of a pilot program will offer classes on gender diversity, gender expression, queer issues, sexual orientation, health, social justice, disability and more.

The program is being launched as part of the academy’s Summer Learning, which begins in September and runs through the end of the school year.

It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about diverse identities and cultures while also sharing in the diversity of the surrounding community, Mayport spokeswoman Melissa Pomerantz said.

In the summer of 2018, the academy opened its doors to students who are of a different gender, sexuality or sexual orientation from its students, and students will be allowed to express their identities in all contexts and under all circumstances, she said.

While the new curriculum is still in the conceptual stage, the school plans to offer classes in the next few weeks on gender identity and gender expression.

Pomerantz says the academy plans to have classes on LGBT issues, and that the program will also provide an opportunity for students to engage in discussions about the history and culture of their own community.

Preliminary plans for the program, which will be taught by a faculty member and have no final enrollment goal, will be held during the school’s spring and summer semesters, she added.

The new curriculum will also incorporate the “inclusive approach to diversity and inclusion,” Pomerant said.

The school hopes to have an integrated environment in which students feel comfortable participating, she explained.

It will also have classes dedicated to LGBT issues and how it is possible to be both inclusive of people of color and queer people.

The curriculum will be open to everyone regardless of gender identity or sexual identity, she emphasized.

The Mayport Academy, which is located in Ocean City, Maryland, opened in the summer.

It is one of three Mayport-area schools that will be included in the program.

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