How did Mayport Elementary make its grade?

Mayport Middle School, a district school in the city of Mayport, is known for having a strong focus on math and science.

The school also has been one of the top performing public schools in the county for years.

However, after three years of strong attendance, the school was facing a crisis of attendance, which led to a school board vote to remove teachers and students from their classes.

A total of 18 teachers and 15 students were removed from Mayport middle schools.

The vote came as a result of a teacher strike, which started in April.

Mayport Public Schools CEO Tom Smith told reporters on Tuesday, May 6, that the decision was made in response to a teacher action.

The teacher’s actions were not the school’s first or the last strike at the school.

During the 2014-2015 school year, the district was under a teachers strike and students were being removed from classes for poor attendance.

The strike ended after the school board agreed to meet with parents and staff and provide a plan to address the situation.

The board also agreed to reduce the number of students in the district, and to hire more teachers.

In May, Mayport High School also received a significant overhaul, bringing in new technology to help teachers work with students.

It was announced on June 9 that the district would be transitioning to a new technology, called the Teacher Assistant, which will allow teachers to interact with students and other staff on a first-name basis.

It also announced that the new technology will be available to all districts in the state of Florida.

The new technology is a virtual classroom, and the district is working to integrate it into every classroom.

The district will also hire additional teachers.

Teachers and students can now chat in virtual classrooms using voice and video technology, which also allows students to interact in real time.

The technology will also allow for more interactive learning, with a new way to play games, create and share content and collaborate.

The virtual classrooms will be able to be accessed in all classroom settings, including classrooms, the office, and other locations.

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