Al Jazeera: Mayport school closes due to lack of funding

A high school in South Florida has been closed after parents complained of low-quality school supplies.

The school, Mayport Elementrary, was closed by the school district after parents said their children were suffering from respiratory illnesses and that the school lacked supplies.

Mayport Elementary School closed due to Lack of Funds Mayport Elementary School closed because the school does not have the funds to support the students and staff, said Mayport City Schools Superintendent David Easley in a statement on Friday.

“We have a responsibility to provide our students the best education possible and that is why we are taking action to close the school,” Easley said.

“In the event that we cannot provide this support, we will have to consider other options.

Our district is currently in the process of finding a solution to address the funding shortfall.”

The district has not yet released a statement about the closure.

According to the district, there are a number of school programs available for students in grades 9 through 12, including art, science, music, and physical education.

The closure is not expected to affect the district’s total enrollment or the school’s attendance.

Easley said the district will remain open and that staff will continue to work with families.

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