A teacher’s guide to teaching LGBTQ youth at Mayport elementary school

In June 2017, Mayport Beach Elementary School in Mayport, California was the site of the first LGBTQ-inclusive kindergarten class ever taught at the elementary school.

It was a huge step forward for the city, but not everyone was thrilled.

The school, located on a secluded stretch of beach in an exclusive neighborhood, was a magnet school, where LGBTQ youth were the majority.

Many students were bullied and isolated, and teachers said the environment was unsafe.

The following year, when the school was rebranded as Mayport Elementrary Academy, it made a similar statement, saying: “We want to offer all of our students the same opportunity that all of us have, but this is a unique time, in a unique place, in an era where it is important that all kids are safe.”

The school’s new name was also meant to acknowledge the LGBTQ community, but was criticized by some parents, teachers, and parents who said the name had become politically correct.

Mayport’s new superintendent, Mike Vassallo, also took a stance on the name change, calling it a “cultural and political statement” in a letter to parents.

In a subsequent interview with Polygon, Vassalo said he was “surprised and dismayed” by the backlash.

“I’m not sure why I felt so compelled to make this announcement and not a political statement,” he said.

“The message of unity that we want to send to our students is one that is so important.

We want them to feel that they are part of this community and are not alone.”

While the school and Vassala’s new statement made it clear that LGBTQ students were welcome in the new school, there were other critics of the change.

The new school had been the subject of criticism for years, including one lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU argued that Mayport had violated the U.S. Equal Protection Clause by discriminating against LGBTQ students, because the school’s policies were not based on equal opportunity, but on race and gender.

In a May 2018 statement, MayPort Elementary School said the district was “disappointed” in the ACLU’s complaint, and that the school had “actively engaged with the ACLU and is now actively investigating” the matter.

“While we have taken action to improve our policy, the ACLU has not resolved their complaint,” the statement continued.

“Mayport has been proactive in providing a comprehensive diversity training program to our staff and students and is actively engaging with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Pediatricians, and other medical and mental health professionals to ensure that we are addressing all of the issues raised by the lawsuit.”

In a statement to Polygon last month, MayPoint Elementary School, another LGBTQ-friendly school, said that Vassalos decision to rename the school to Mayport Elements was not based upon any kind of discrimination, and was just a decision to align the district’s mission and identity with the LGBTQ-positive community.

“We have been a welcoming school for many years,” the school wrote.

“We continue to strive to be a place where our students and staff feel comfortable, safe, and welcome.

We believe that diversity is important for our students to feel safe and comfortable in the classroom and in the community.”

The letter to MayPort’s parents stated that the district “continues to work with local and national LGBTQ organizations and organizations to address issues related to inclusion and diversity, including the American Psychological Association’s Human Rights Campaign, the Human Rights Caucus, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, among others.”

In response to the backlash, Vissalos released a statement saying that the name Mayport was “a cultural statement” for the school, and “reflects the diversity of our community.

We are proud of that and have worked diligently to make it inclusive.”

In May 2018, the school reopened as MayPort Elmentaries Academy.

The school has since opened a new location on the same beach as the old Mayport.

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