‘A really sad day’: Teachers of Grade 9 in Halifax teach kids about ‘climate change’

A teacher of Grade 8 in Halifax’s East End says the school has been closed to the public due to the threat of the polar vortex.

Mayport Elementary’s principal, Karen Harkins, said she’s had to cancel class because of the forecast of the vortex, which she said will be the longest and most destructive one in Canada’s history.

“We’re going to have more rain in the coming weeks, more cold,” Harkin said.

“It’s going to be much, much worse.”

Harkins said she was unsure what would happen if the school went into lockdown, but added the school will still be open.

“It’s very unfortunate.

The whole school community is upset and it’s unfortunate,” she said.

Harkin and her staff have been inundated with calls from parents and students since the forecast for polar vortex hit.

“We are in the middle of a hurricane,” she told CBC News.

While Harks school has reopened, the school’s day is expected to be shortened as teachers have been instructed to remain home.

Hassle to get over in the city, says teacherMayport school has cancelled classes due to polar vortex Mayport BeachElementary Coastal Sciences Teachers Association President Brian Geddes said students are feeling anxious and stressed.

Geddes has been inundating parents with messages about the forecast, saying it will be worse than Hurricane Sandy.

“If this was a hurricane in New York City, the parents would be coming up and saying, ‘How could it be that we have such a bad forecast?

Why are we having to wait until the weekend to evacuate?'” he said.

Gees has been calling parents in Halifax and asking them to call the school, saying the students are worried.

He said it is not unusual for parents to call, and they have been “very helpful.”

Students and staff in the East End, which includes the Mayport School, have been calling the school to see if the class is cancelled.

Harpers said the school is working with other schools to ensure students and staff get a chance to return to school as soon as possible.

“Our students are working extremely hard to get back to school,” she added.

Harks said there will be no classes cancelled on Friday, and students will be able to return on Saturday.

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