A ‘lively’ beach for your kids in Mayport, Florida

A family of four, ages 6-10, spent two nights at a resort in Florida last week.

They were there for the annual Florida Beach Beach Classic, and this was their first time out.

But the family wasn’t alone.

Other families from the area spent two days with their families.

The theme of the event is all about the kids.

They’re not just about playing, they’re about being creative and learning from others.

There’s a beach house in Maypens Beach, for example, where the kids can have a few days off.

This is how the kids spent their time at the Florida Beach Classic.

(National Geographic) This year’s theme was the “Lively Beach,” and the children were joined by their parents.

“I’m very excited about our kids coming here,” said Jennifer and Kevin Dennys, who both attended Maypense Beach Elementary.

They said the resort was a “lively” environment.

The family enjoyed watching the kids play on the beach.

They also enjoyed the food.

They got a few bites of chips and salsa, which they were able to share with their family.

A photo posted by Jenn and Kevin (@jenndennys2) on Oct 31, 2018 at 6:08pm PDT The beach house is part of the Maypenses Beach Education Center, and it has a great atmosphere for the children to relax and play.

They are able to explore in the ocean and even enjoy the sunset at the beach, which is a rarity in Florida.

Jennifer said that it was the perfect opportunity to see the kids off at a “breakaway time” and to help them build their self-esteem and confidence.

Maypens beach is also a good spot to take a break and have a picnic, and the sunsets and the sound of the waves will be an easy getaway for the kids during their day.

We can’t wait to come back!

Maypenser Beach Elementary School was the place to be for the Mayport kids and their parents, said Jennifer.

They will come back to Maypents, and they will come to Mayport again.

We can’t stop loving Maypensis Beach!

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